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Saturday, November 28, 2009


What is happening in the world today has not changed. It is our beliefs that humans all over the world still need to educated themselves. Educate yourselves on what is happening around the world.

Educate yourselves to be able to provide for your family whatever the future may be.

We live in a society of people who depend on other people to take care of them. We rely on our jobs to pay us to be able to feed our families. We rely on the grocery stores to provide us food for us to buy for our families to eat.

Almost every day, well it seems like it, we hear reports of contaminated food being sold to us. Our family has had these items in our cupboards, freezers, pantry’s in the past. We had to throw these items out for fear of our children getting sick or possibly dying from these contaminated foods.

We do believe again that everyone should educate themselves and find out what does GM seeds mean? What does GM foods mean?

Why are we genetically modifying our foods. Foods that the good earth provides us that is nutritional and healthy. Why are we modifying these foods. What is wrong with the foods that our ancestors ate?

I ask myself these questions almost every day. Why have we become a society of being taken care of by others. What happened to taking care of ourselves. What happened to the lost art of basic human survival.

I also ask myself, “What has happened to the human spirit of standing up for what is right?”

I was taught by my parents, grandparents that you are always free to voice your opinion no mater what it was. You are always free to stand up for what is morally right.

We are looking in the face of a changed America. A changed World.

We come across so many people who are afraid today. We are not sure why they are afraid. We assume it is because they do not know how they will survive should they loose their job, or should the grocery store shelves go empty. They do not even know where the food comes from that they eat.

It is really sad. We are only here to help those who have been wronged by not having the information passed on by their ancestors what it takes for basic human survival.

Sorry I was in a ranting and raving mood tonight. Thank you all for your support in our efforts to give people the resources to be able to take care of themselves and their families no matter what happens in the days to come.

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