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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Water Cure

A little history of water cure

The Greek, Hippocrates, who lived about five hundred years before Christ, was the first man who wrote much on the healing of disease with water. At a very early period the Egyptians practiced bathing considerable. The ancient Persians and Greeks erected stately and magnificent public buildings. In Constantinople the Turkish baths were used extensively in the 15th century. In the year 1600 public vapor baths were numerous in Paris. From the very earliest part of the 18th century water was used for cures. Floyer published a history of bathing where remarkable cures were made by means of bathing, and he recommended them for numerous diseases. A Mr. Hancock, who was a minister, published in 1723 a book called Common Water the Best Cure for Fevers. Another book, published by someone else, was called Curiosities of Common Water and was published in 1723, in which it was said to be an “excellent remedy which will perform cures with very little trouble, and without charge,” may be truly styled a universal remedy. In 1840 to 1850 Victor Priesnitz, of Germany, led in the use of water as a curative.

The water cure spread to America about 1850 and until about 1854 prospered greatly, but the doctors would not stand for this, as they did not want the people to get hold of any remedy which was practical and non-expensive, that could be used in any home. About 1870 they had successfully prevented the water-cure practitioners from practicing in New York by medical law.

Even our North American Indians use baths for many diseases. They have original ways of giving both water and vapor baths, the vapor bathing being the most commonly used, followed by plunging into a stream.

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Quote: Man’s intelligence has made it possible for him to become grossly perverted in almost everything-food, appetite, bathing, etc. Man does not go astray from nature because he lacks intelligence or instinct, but because he wishes to gratify his own desires.

By: Jethro Kloss book

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